20 October 2009

Six pounds.

I've gained six pounds so far this month.
I will get it off. Oh, I will get it off.
I will get it off and more.

So. I have a plan: a new diet. I mentioned it earlier, but it's been revised.
The only thing I'm changing is adding fruits and veggies to the list
Low fat and low cal.
I'm hoping it will work.

My mind is all over the place.
I'm super jittery from probably taking too much addy.
I'll cut back tomorrow.

b- 0
l- ~1 cup salad- lettuce, 2 slices tomato, 4 slices cucumber, 5 slices onion (21, 0.3)
d- 0
s- orange (40, 0)
total: 61, 0.3

Very good day.

Love you always,


  1. :D
    Well done. That's an amazing day ^-^

  2. Whoa not even in the triple digits, and you even got vitamins and minerals in. Hooray for veggies!

  3. Oh, good girl! Fruits are good, and tasty, too! I think I may want an orange, now...

  4. HI ! i know i have been gone, i'm sorry. or have i been gone? fuck my sense of time is all out of whack. anyway, please note that since i last commented:
    1. you gained some pounds and did not die
    2. you got a refill on your much-anticipated prescription
    3. you started a new diet plan to lose said added pounds.

    that is some SERIOUS SUCCESS in my book. CONGRATULATIONS!! look at you go!!

    l love you and thank you for all the comments you've left me lately...they mean SO much !