31 August 2010

a's been all over me about my new diet. even though i told him that it was a cleanse, and that i'd still be taking in "1000" calories a day, he's freaking out, and has told my friend to keep an eye on me at meal times. i know it's because he cares, and because he hates seeing me starve myself. i'm so frustrated.

29 August 2010

im doing okay with russian gymnast diet, i think i'll add rice cakes as a little extra.
i ate like six yesterday plus a fruit cup.
it all cam down to about 386, which isnt bad.
hopefully ill be able to shrink my stomach a bit with this, i miss being able to eat half of what i normally eat with out being hungry.

28 August 2010

little russian gymanst

i heard about the russian gymnast diet for the first time last night
and im definitely going to try it for next week, to see if i cant lose some weight
hopefully i'll lose around five or six
maybe even more.
it goes like this:

b- 1 glass of either apple or orange juice (90 cal)
l- fruit salad:apple, pineapple, orange and water (100 cal)
d- water and green apple (36 cal)
total: 226

it say no fizzy drinks, but im a caffiene junky, and i literally cannot go a day with out it, and the school's coffee here tastes like a combination of cigarette ash, dirt, and ass.
so i'll be having my diet coke at least once a day, thank you.
so that's what it all comes down to, and it shouldn't be too hard.

wish me luck,

27 August 2010

just stop eating
its that simple

a and i got in a fight for the first time today
i kept telling him to make more of an effort to be on time
he was an hour late to our date
so i refused to eat
we both got angry
i said just be on time
its that simple

i felt like a hypocrite
ive been gorging

margaret, just stop eating
its that simple

26 August 2010

so far im sucking at this new diet. i binged last night because i was stressed and i couldnt purge.

24 August 2010


b: 1 protein bar- 170
l: 1/4 play of stir fry- 185
d: 2 rice cakes- 70
total: 425

i'm only into my second week of school, and im already about to die from the stress.
i have an obscene amount of work already due, on top of college applications and putting together a good protfolio. i wrote my essay for my top choice today, so at least ive got the big bad scary one out of the way. now, onto documentation. always fun.

stay thin.

diet plan and stats


anyone want to try it with me?

w: 109lbs
bmi: 19.9

23 August 2010

note to self

never try to barf ramen

22 August 2010

lets get started

just took my last round of antibiotics
lets get this bitch rolling

20 August 2010

fuck it all

im 110 on my own scale
and my antibiotics are making me huge because they make me feel like total shit unless i eat every hour but im about to get off them
and this time i promise you
i will finally lose the weight dont let me fail
dont let me fail

10 August 2010


so, im tempted to go on some national campaign to get all doctors new scales, because they are always wrong, and they make me really mad whenever i get on them.
saturday's doctor's care wight: 108
monday's regular doctor's weight: 106
What do i do both times i get home from te doctor? Go straight to my scale, and everytime its says 103. Honestly.

But why so many doctor's visits, Margie?
well. It's the old mrsa, again. apparently if you get it once, you're more likely to get it again. and i have it again, worse, this time. I'm going into surgery in three hours to have the damn thing cut out of my arm. im really nervous, but im trying to keep calm and just let myself go back to sleep, but i cant. anyways. wish me luck.