10 October 2009


That's a really accurate descprition how I'm feeling right now. Meh.
So I'm writing this from a laundromat. I just thought that was funny. I really like the laundromat. I like being where I know no one. I love the feeling of being comepletely anonymous.

So I did relatively well with eating today. I didn't have a huge binge, unless you count C&S, which I did a good bit of. My roommate went contra dancing tonight. Although I did a mini-binge on pickles and meringue cookies, but they're both fat-free and pretty low-cal. I'm not too upset. Although I had one regular cookie... three grams of fat.... ughhhhh.

Emotionally, my day was pretty shitty. I was in a bad mood for most of the day, and my dad (even as oblivious as he is) noticed my weight and how little I ate at lunch. I told him "I'm going to fall fest later and will most likely eat like a pig while I'm there!" Later at fall fest, I "forgot my wallet." After fall fest, we had planned to go eat dinner together. I ran to get a shower, and as I got out, he calls: "Hey, I think I'm just gonna go eat with a friend instead. I can bring you something back, if you like." This brought my already non-existant self-esteem down into the negatives. I wouldn't have minded so much if I haven't already been blown-off by so many other people I care about. Being blown-off jsut makes me feel like such a little shit of a person. It's so funny how one little thing like that can make you feel so, so, so badly about yourself.

So then I went to go do laundry. Woohoo.

But, I did a lot of unintentional exercise today, which I am VERY happy about.
So anyways. I'll give you a post-fast photo tomorrow afternoon after a juice clense.

b- 0
l- 1/3 of a house salad (no dressing), 5 sweet potato fries (64 cals, 1g fat)
d- 1/3 of a easy mac cheesy pizza snack pack (73 cals, 1g fat)
s- 10 pickles, 7 meringue cookies, 1 chocolate chip cookie (318 cals, 3g fat)
e- 2.5 hours standing, 2 hours brisk walking, 15 minutes stairs (-827)
total: -373 cals, 5g fat

Love you,


  1. I know how you feel about being blown off. I wish I could be the one to do the blowing, occasionally. But, seriously. From a laundromat?

    That is seriously hippy chic.

    You must be a... Goddess. Yes, that is what.

    Can't wait for the photos of tomorrow, by the current way!

    And the photo beside this comment box is making me crave the ownership of a pretty little black kitty...

    And black stockinged legs similar to the ones in the photograph with the black cat.


    LOVEYAMUCHIES! ex poh ex poh ex poh ex

  2. I hate being blown off. It really brings you down. Like, bruises your heart, for a while. Hate that feeling, mendable, but it hurts.

    Glad things are slowing down, now. They are, aren't they? I hope.

    Sleep well. (if you're anywhere near my time zone:) )