22 October 2009


I was looking through pictures earlier. I decided I'd share some with you.
They're mostly of things that I love, things that I miss, nostalgic things, etc. I'm sure they aren't that interesting. But I don't have much to say today, and pictures are woth a thousand words.

My gorgeous dogs. Jake (has three legs) and Daisy, my rubenesque darling.

My old pony, Sirrocko. I was happy then.

His eyes. They're gorgeous.


b- 0

l- 1/2 of a salad (25, 0)

d- protein bar (170, 4.5)

s- 0

e- walking downtown (-124)

total: 71, 4.5

Love you always.


Why is it double spaced?! That's quite, quite aggravating.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I can see why you love those things.

  2. What a sweet baby, your dog - I just had to look again! Sweet sweet baby... :)