09 October 2009

Oh No. Please, Please, Please God, No: Reasons Why I am going to have a Bad Day Tomorrow

Firstly. I have Saturday class tomorrow. Three hours of Observational Drawing, bright and early on the one day I get to sleep in. Even worse: it's open house. That means I can't go to morning class in my PJ's like I want to, and I have to put on a big fat smile and talk to prospectives.
Secondly. My dear, sweet drawing teacher is bringing doughnuts! Yay! Oh, but not just any doughnuts, Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Oh boy! Another fried, sugary blob of fat to tempt Margaret with! Everyone, eat doughnuts! Yummy! I also had to go on one of my little food freak-outs when Thompson even mentioned the word in class today, so everyone will be expecting me to jump on that like white on rice. Hopefully everyone will eat them all, and there won't be any left for me. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, let there be no doughnuts left.
Thirdly. My dad is coming up for a visit along with my little sister. I'm really excited to see them both, but not so excited to eat in front of them. Because what do families do when they get together? Eat, of course!! So I'm thinking going for Chinese and getting an order of steamed veggies and maybe a fortune cookie (they're only 30 cals and fat-free) and a big ol' Diet Coke. Sounds good, yes?
Fourthly. Chances are I'll binge tomorrow. I can't do a C&S deal, my roomates in town all weekend. Any tips on how to keep me from binging? Any tips are greatlygreatlygreatly appreciated.

Wish me luck tomorrow!
Love you,


  1. Hmmm... does sound like a bind. I hate stuff like that.

    What "food freak out" did you do when the word doughnut was mentioned?

    The chinese plan sounds good, but I would have at least one or two back-up plans, because you know how things NEVER go like you would like them to. The way the world works and all.

    You live in US, right? Do you have enough money to stop at a walgreens, CVS, walmart, HEB, etc. and get some Alli (orlistat)? If you do not already have some, and you do end up b/p-ing, it might help "wash out" some residual fat that may still be in your system if you take 1 or 2 right after (RIGHT after) your final purge. They say 2 works better than 1, but 2 is the maximum effect, after that even 4000 won't do more than 2. If you don't have access or money for that, or time or whatever, then that's all I can think of... Sorry. Chin up. (coming from a sad bird, therefore a hypocrite)

  2. do NOT get Alli--Mad Bird, it is a good suggestion but Alli has been taken off the market for causing bad things like seizures and so on!! Please don't do that!!!

    i would suggest bingeing on veggies. like, allow yourself to gorge on veggies and fruits. they are so low cal and good for you, you can eat 15,000 of them and not get fat at all, and you will be so glad to eat freely and won't even THINK of bingeing on other food. allowing a binge is the best way, believe me. i did it at a BBQ and it was AWESOME. and everyone saw me eating like a champ (absolutely swooning with delight over beets and tomatoes) so no one suspected a thing, they just saw me stuffing my face and didn't think about what i was stuffing it WITH.

    haha my best friend and i used to skip around holding hands and generally being all over each other during open house weekends so all the prospies would get freaked out that the campus was overrun with gays and lesbians (which it WAS, being an art school, duh), and decide not to come. not that this was terribly different from how we normally acted, but we definitely did it with a purpose that was very amusing and kept us from being bored :D

    also I LOVE YOU and even one binge will NOT make you fat. ok? you do not want to set a bad example in front of your little sister, do you? one meal will NOT make you fat.

    I LOVE YOU, i wish i had better things to say but life is kind of weird right now...


  3. Well, scratch the Alli...

    Good advise, Anise.

    She's right, one binge is often nothing. Your body won't even recognize the rise/change in calories, sometimes. It might even just go right through you. I forgot about that.

    Have fun at your open house, being an art major sounds like fun! I'm a nursing major - we memorize nerves, give each other shots, and take blood pressure... ;)

  4. Krispy Kremes are the best, and the worst things in the world. I'm so glad I don't live in America else I'd binge on them all the time. We can only get them in London, but when I go my best friend and I usually buy a dozen and I eat most of them on the way home :(
    They're easy to purge though :)

    Good luck for tomorrow, I'm sure you'll be ok :)