17 October 2010

i just want to be thin again

15 October 2010

i have completely fucked up my metabolism. its like non existent.
i realized that even on a regular day, i only eat about 1250 calories a day. that's basically what i have eat to keep a consistant weight. drives me crazy.
but one thing i am finding is that there is no better thinspo than looking at pictures of youself when you were thin.


12 October 2010

fuck binges
i've been doing okay, sunday i had 1100 calories, but i worked out and burned 200.
yesterday i cut back to 750, and went 50 over. hopfeully today i'll be able to stay well under 750. but so far, so good.
wish me luck.

10 October 2010

woke up hungry for the first time in months.

09 October 2010

today was half decent.
i took the sat this morning, and then just laid around and got fatter.
i managed to stay under 1000 calories today. i hope to keep continuously cutting back.
this coming week i want to stay at 750 or less, and cut back 250 a week.
taking it slow.
baby steps.

b-nature valley bar (190)
l-burrito and chips (352)
d- eel roll and spring roll (476)

trying to do better. would love some tips, help anything you have.
much love.

08 October 2010

i love you guys

thanks for all the support
and seriously, i need help.
im ENORMOUS. like huge.
and crohn's or not, its time to get back on the fucking skinny wagon.
no more fat margie.