24 October 2009


Today was terribly, horribly boring.
Best friend couldn't make it up today. So, I sat on my fat ass all day.
I woke up about ten thirty, took a shower, ate a square of chocolate, brushed my teeth, texted Eric. Texted him. Waited. Fell back to sleep. Woke up. No replies. Got on the internet. Eric texted back at twelve seventeen: "i just woke up" I respond. He texted back at twevle thirty four: "bonjour ma petit puce." I respond. Both text back to see if I want to go eat lunch. The three of us went downtown. The boys wanted to go to this little Jamaican place to watch a soccer match. I forgot the team that was playing. Eric had jerk chicken. He had jerk pork. I had mixed steamed veggies. Both were too glued to the telly to watch me eat. I ate maybe a sixteenth of what I was served.
They both talked about the stupid things they do with their friends.
E:Dude. Have you ever done a laxorace?
H:(Laughs) No!
E:They're kinda fun. You take like a bunch of laxatives, like two, and then whoever shits first loses.
M:Great dinner conversation.
E:But dude. You gotta do it sometime.
I laughed at how Eric said a bunch of laxatives was two. I've got him beat in the laxxie department, I'd say. After luch we walked around for like an hour. Then I sat by myself for the rest of the day and worked in sculpture for an hour or so.
I kind of binged on Frosted Flakes, but they're fat free, and I sculpted and walked for a good bit, so I'm not too worried about it.
b- one piece chocolate (31, 2g)
l- a bit of steamed veggies (22, 0g)
d- a bite or two of leftover lunch (15, 0g)
s- three svgs frosted flakes (330, 0g)
e- walking one hr and sculpting one hr (-388)
total: 6, 0g
Pretty good.
Love you always,


  1. THANK you, margie. In my tipsy stupor, I'm not feeling so great. But your comment made me feel a little better. I promise, I really don't drink. I think I've only gotten into my parents' rum only 2 or 3 times total, well, not counting tonight.

    Ha! The hiccoughs passed! It was so stereotypical drunkard! But I didn't want to laugh for fear of making them worse. (laughing always makes me hiccough). Eating makes you hiccough? Ick, that must be a bit annoying.

    Thank you for your support in fasting. It will be my first fast in a LONG time. As in (if you care to look back through my blog - I don't even care) way before the accomplia and topiramate. Like early or mid August maybe, or before, even. So, that long. I hope I can do it. I don't know how long, I hope a week, maybe two. ALWAYS the longer the better, of course.

    I'm so sorry your friend couldn't make it. That must have been terribly disappointing. And I know you would want to make it seem not so, so as to not hurt her feelings, or to not seem vulnerable, but I've had that happen, and I know. It hurts a little, even though they didn't mean it.

    A "bunch of laxatives" is TWO!!!???? What the HELL????!!!!!!????? What happened to 15? 20? 30? Hell, those boys don't even know the start of it. And THEN trying to hold it IN. Try that, boys.

    Love you, Margie.

    I hope you're doing well, dear.

  2. oh, calorie-wise: VERY good, my girl! You should be proud!

  3. AND... (last comment, I promise) the last picture, you said you liked, the artist/photographer's name was Anni Leppala.