24 December 2010

i somehow managed to only eat 640 cals today
280 of them were m&m's
although i burned about 475
so around 170 total today

merry christmas all

22 December 2010

im so confused and my brain is so money
i want to swear off love for good so i can not have to deal with this
i just hate not knowing what i feel
or who i feel it for
god i just hate everything

i did really badly as of food today
704 cals 31g fat
fuck everything

shameless self promotion

new blog

16 December 2010

so a and i are done for good
i ate an entire bowl of cookie dough earlier
i cant get it up
why cant i ever let myself just be happy

14 December 2010

when the fuck will i ever be good enough?

11 December 2010

today i didn't touch food until i ate dinner with a
i ate 153 calories worth of chicken
and a 5 graham crackers and 3/4 of a fortune cookie
coming to a grand total of 264 calories
but my fat intake was ridiculous, 9.1g
today was okay
i went to my friend's poetry reading tonight
he did so well
he wrote about luke, and i tried not to bawl my eyes out
i wish i could have a copy of it, because the last two lines are so wonderful
but anyways
i love you guys
and im tired.
time to go to bed.

10 December 2010

it had to happen sometime
i cant do well with my eating for this long and not have a binge
fuck christmas parties and all your sweets
but yeah
my roommate is here, so i cant purge or exercise
fucking kill me
i feel disgusting
i need to get rid of this
fuck fuck fuck