30 November 2009

Sick laughter.

My roomate said "I could be 130lbs...if I tried." today.
I laughed. Hard.
She glared at me.
Karma, bitch.

Anyways. I've been unbearably busy lately. It's jury time, kiddos! That's right, the time of the year where are us little art students cram a portfolio today and have our professors chew it to pieces.
Stress=eating; Eating=fat: Stress= fat.
I have been eating nonstop. It's pathetic and rediculous. Fuck you food. Fuck you cravings. You can all die and go to hell. And so can you, juries. And midterms.
Oh- and to top it all off! I have Messiah. Just remembered- I have 100 some odd pages of music to learn. But on the brightside, I got an aria! A short one, but a beautiful, good and well-known one. If you've ever listened to anything from Handel's Messiah, it's probably been this aria. There were shepherds abiding in the field... all that jazz. Youtube it. It's great. May I suggest Sylvia McNair, Robert Shaw-"Messiah" Shepherds Abiding?

Dammit. I hate December. It's too fucking busy.
Love you always,


  1. You are so beautiful. :)

    (So is Handel's Messiah)

    Best of luck with juries!

  2. AHHH juries! i remember, i remember!! portfolio time!! OH cram cram cram! actually looking back those were probably some of the funnest times i had- probably because while looking back i don't have to deal with the awful stress, but there was something so intense and creative and desperate and lovely about that time...everyone freaking out together. AHH. i miss art school. also, are you studying vis art AND music? AND you are beautiful??? TRIPLE THREAT OH MY GOD!

    anyway, i know you can't but RELAX, you WILL get through it, juries WILL be over soon and then you can breathe again and stop eating again. i think you should just not worry about eating too much, you will NEVER gain enough to be 130 lbs in less than 2 months, ok? and if you're well-fed, i hate to say it, but you'll perform better and have better portfolios and more brain room to cramcramcram.

    ok? so we must both slow down and breathe together. :D

    xx x

  3. HAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! (that's me laughing really hard, too, seriously.)

    And you are really, really stunning.

    Annd, I know this is not going to help, not to anyone of us, but coming from the outside, you are not fat. You are lovely. But the fat is in your head, is where it is. You really are lovely.

    Much love here to you, dear Margie. STAY WARM!