17 November 2009

I Am A Fat Furry Bear With No Self-Control

who can't fast to save her life anymore and forgets to take her prozac and her adderal so she only likes to fall into the safe, cozy arms of sleep. Hibernation. And eating.
So fasting time is starting over. I'm shooting for two days.
I'm too scared to count my calories.
Probably over one thousan fivehundred.

My knuckles are RAW. Completely.
I basically got into a gang fight with a hunk of alabaster and a rasp.
Guess who won? Hint: it wasn't me.

Love you always.

1 comment:

  1. I hated it when my knuckles would bleed. I'd have to resort to spoons or toothbrushes, which never worked as well, too awkward, not my own fingers, my own body. Sorry hun. So adderall doesn't help you fast? That's not so good.