19 November 2009


Is amazing. I love it. And I would love some cabbage right now.

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  1. *hands over imaginary cabbage*

    Here, this is even better! No calories! Imagine every bite, crunch, chew, swallow, and flavor. (it really works more than you'd think - tricks the brain to an extent). You can even eat some paper? Or not.

    Or you could go buy cabbage... :)

    I'm tired. Don't listen to me.

    I also just ate because my stomach is ulcerated like a schoolchild's paper snowflake, and tomorrow my volunteer host at a social work office is having (yet) another thanksgiving luncheon, and I might have to beat my way around this bush. She used to be anorexic and knows me well. As in knows about me well, too. I know she cares about me, but she also knows all the tricks, even to the point of making sure to keep me "occupied" for up to an hour after a meal. Fuck that! I couldn't even puke if I needed to. I'm scared of what I might face at a "thanksgiving" meal, and surely she knows that? Surely? Wouldn't she understand the literal paralyzing fear? I might just meet up with her later. She's not going to force me. But I told her I'd meet her at 12, and the luncheon's at 1:30. I don't even know. I need more alli for emergencies like this. It's a last resort for people like her who know the tricks. She wouldn't be able to catch or stop a pill being swallowed. Sorry again for the ramble/rant.

    Love you, dear. Goodnight.