24 November 2009

Little Sister's Pants.

A few days ago, my thirteen-year-old little sister gave me a pair of her old jeans. I hadn't gotten around to trying them on until this morning. I haven put on any jeans besides my size 25 BDG jeans in about a month, mostly just because I normally wear sweat pants, or skirts or those BDG's when I'm feeling decently about my legs.
Anyways, when I put her old jeans on, I was pleasantly suprised (slightly disturbed) to find that I can't keep them on without a belt. They're a size zero.
Yes. Losing inches is good.
AND when I bend over and look between my legs, you can now see the entire out line of my hip bone, every vertabrae and every rib.
I feel good today.

Love you always,

1 comment:

  1. Oh, that's so so eerily wonderful. You have GOT to post some photos. You are living, walking thinspiration.