07 November 2009

Life Throws Too Many Curveballs.

Horribly sad day. Tired of death.
Two weekends of funerals is too much.
Blair's funeral was easily one of the saddest things I've ever witnessed. The church was completely full, and not a single eye in the building was dry. It was so different than Mammy's funeral.
I'm completely exhausted. Losing two people in one week..
You never expect these things to happen.
There are so many questions I'm asking right now. So many things I'm regretting.
Terrible food day.
I'm going to bed.

Love you always.


  1. Sorry Margie. Here for you, if I can be. Love you.

  2. I've never been to a funeral, so I can only imagine how emotionally drained you are right now. I haven't been wanting to comment just because I really don't know what needs to be said. I just hope that life will give you a break and that you will be able to be strong.
    Take it easy, my friend. We'll all be thinking of you.


  3. i'm really sorry i was not here for you for this. really really sorry. i love you and i hope you're okay. i am giving you a giant hug right now that will break through three time zones and into which you can nestle and disappear for a while, okay?

    LOVE times fifteen thousand xoxox x