03 November 2009

Awfully tired.

I'm dead exhausted. It's the kind that caffeine can't fix.
I'm stressed as all get-out too.
I'm too tired to write. I have no thoughts.
Decent food day.

b- 0
l- bits of salad (21, 0)
s- frosted flakes (110, 0)
d- 0
total: 131,0

Love you always.

1 comment:

  1. I OWE YOU AN EMAIL!! A VERY LONG ONE! fuck i cannot get myself together to do anything except eat candy and puke. PLEASE DO NOT THINK I DO NOT WANT TO WRITE BACK TO YOU BECAUSE I DO!! i am just a little mess right now. i am wandering and i am confused. but you are on my list, darling, because you are amazing and i loved your letter to me and i want to respond in kind. ok? so patience, s'il vous plait! i will get there. you are worth it.

    LOVE xx x