23 November 2009

Dearest Fire Alarm:

Please stop lying. It's making me hate you, and lowering my ability to trust your judgement. One day, there actually might be a fire. You'll go off, and I'll just think to myself, "Oh there it is again, I'll just stay in my room." Then I will burn to a crisp, and it will be your fault.
You've gone off five times in the past twenty minutes. I would like to let you know that I am sick, fasting, didn't sleep at all last night and am quite cranky.
Oh, there you are again. Six times. You are making me deaf. Oh look, you turned off again.
Please let me sleep, and stop lying.
Thank you kindly.

1 comment:

  1. God, I HATE them! They hurt your ears soooo bad... I hate dorm fire alarms so so much, so much. I forgot that. I'm glad I'm not in the dorm this year, but next I'll be again, and I'm not so sure they'll ever get to fixing that. Maybe it's a package deal for every dorm everywhere.