04 November 2009


I just bought a new pair of heels. They're simple: black leather, round-toe, four inch. And I'm learning that they make my feet feel like shit, and they give me blisters and the tops of my feet hurt, but heels are truly the ultimate confidence booster.
So. I adore my new heels.
My mind is rather messy today. I cleaned everything today, except my mind. I went on a two-hour adderal/caffeine fueled cleaning/organizing/gutting/reorganizing/wrestling coat hangers spree.
I just wish I could do the same thing with my head, because I can't think. And it's quite quite quite bothersome.
I'm still exhausted. I just want to sleepsleepsleepsleephibernatesleep. I don;t know what to do with my tired self.
I had a decent food day, except of the rediculous amount of FAT that I ate.
b- protein bar(210, 7g)
l- protein bar (210, 7g)
d- unagi nigri (108, 5g)
e- 45 min brisk walking (-121)
total: 407, 19g !!!
bad, bad, bad, bad fat Margie!!!!

Love you always,

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  1. hello, this is just to say hello and i love you and i OWE YOU A GADDANGED EMAIL which i want want want to write but seem unable to do because my brain is exploding. like, really exploding. i will respond as soon as the shit in my head stops. which i really hope is soon. but i love you nonetheless, ok? and i am smiling thinking of you in your heels :D