08 November 2009

Too Tired To Actually Write.

So I'm posting food.
I can't tell if food today was bad or good.
Fat wise, it was terrible. Calories wise, it was decent.
(I'm so ready to get out of this mood)

d- vegetable chilli (330, 4g) espresso (2, 0g)
s- reese's cups (160, 10g) pickles (10, 0g)
e- walking 45 min.(-121)
total: 381, 14g.

Love you always.


  1. Oh, really? I appreciate you very much. But I did something very stupid, and I plan to continue to do it daily for a good while. I don't know, though, if I want to say it "out loud" to the whole world. I wish there were such things as private comments - like I could comment to just you, where only the blog owner could read them or something... But thank you. I love you too. I hope you're doing okay.

  2. Food, today, was very good, child. Very good. If you can't tell, I'll tell you for you. Except for the reeses, but hey, we all have our weaknesses, and I've seen you seem to have a soft spot for them, at least recently. But altogether you did well, and you've BEEN doing well, and the overall picture is what counts. So good girl.

  3. that intake is great! hope all is well