19 November 2009

Fatty McFatfast.

Yesterday, something inside of me said fuckthisfastletsfeast. So I did just that.
It wasn't too bad (macncheesewholegrainpastapicklescabbage) and it could have been much worse. I hadn't taken any of my meds for the past few days, so I had no sense of discipline or self-control. I want to weigh in, but I decided I'm not going to until after I finish this fast. Which sadly, is only going to be until tomorrow at lunch time, because my mom and dad are coming to have a meeting with my math teacher because I am not doing so hot in math. So they're taking me to lunch (maybe, I'm going to try to get out of it) and then to dinner, and then home. Where they will shovel me full of food and talk about how thin I am.
I'm having a two day fast when I get back to prepare myself for the HELL that Thanksgiving will be. If anyone has tips about avoiding gorging during thanksgiving, I would appreciate them so so so greatly.
Sorry for the rambling and unorganized thoughts, I am a bit manic right now.
Love you always,


  1. Be "sick," and maybe then you can get out of the meals? Like be super ill, with "fever" and "chills" and even a doctor visit? Think they'd buy that? Think it's pull-off-able?

    Sorry, just trying to think of things to help. I hate those times.

    Last night for some reason my mom got into this spiel about how I was losing weight again (I wish), and that she was going to weigh me (that would be bad, though), so I had to stuff my face in front of her to fool her, and drink tons of water in case she decided to follow through with the weighing like she sometimes does (she didn't). All those calories for nothing! I could have eaten way less and still fooled her, but I just got scared. I should have eaten some marbles, those would have weighed more than the food I ate.

    Enough of my rambling. I hope it goes well with you, and I hope your math gets easier. Semester's almost over, no? Keep your head above water, dear.

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