01 November 2009

I Detest Irony.

I left home today. Halfway to school, my mom calls to tell me I left my other keys (I have two sets: one for my car keys, house key, backdoor key, cvs card, gold's card, basically stuff I only use at home. On the other I have the keys to my dorm, my flatfile, etc, basically the stuff I only use at school.) at home. She says not to turn around, she'll mail them and they'll be here in a few days. So I keep driving. It's only until I'm actually at school that I realize that I need those keys to open my mailbox.

Love you always.

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  1. oh NO!!! are you going to be able to tell her not to in time? oh no no no no no...


    Yeah, pica, I don't hate it or love it. Doc doesn't say yea or nay about it. It just comes with the ED. As long as I don't eat something that poisons me or ruptures anything, I suppose I'm OK.

    But sometimes it really satisfies a crazy craving, and I feel like a cartoon character, rubbing gloved hands together, with weasly eyes darting to and fro, searching for my next non-edible morsel to devour.