16 November 2009

I Have No Title.

All weekend, I ate like a huge fatass.
I ate like a huge fatass at lunch.
Curly fries and a veggie burger? Really, Margaret? Really?!

I have to apologize for being so fucking whiny for the past week or so.
I reread my last few posts and wanted to slap myself. I really sound like a huge fucking self-pitying bitch.
I am in a good mood today, despite having such a horrid eating day.
I had a really great weekend. Two of my best friends from home came up to visit for a bit on Saturday, and then Eric and I went to the ballet later that night. It felt really nice to dress up for sometthing that wasn't a funeral. And a plus- it was fabulous, live-action thinspo. Which apparently isn't working too well...
Yesterday was my birthday, and it was wonderful. I went to lunch with mom and dad and sister, and then went to the laundromat with Eric, who got me a pretty bad ass present, I must say. He got me puppet that's a monster (shown above), who I brought to the majority of my classes today, and he gave me a card that's shaped like a pickle. Inside he wrote, "Happy mother FUCK-ing birthday" and signed his name inside a poorly-drawn heart. I've never know a guy who can draw a heart. They always look like butts or potatoes.
Oh, Eric. Hahaha.


I'm fasting again as of tomorrow, if anyone wants to join in maybe.

Love you always,


  1. Well, you're not a fat ass. You're pretty and skinny and we love you, and you just had a hard weekend and it's over.

  2. glad you enjoyed your birthday! and glad your feeling less miserable!
    chin up Marige, the only way is up!