26 September 2009

You Know You're Sick When:

You go to visit your dying grandmother in the hospital, who has cancer related anorexia and only weighs about eighty-five pounds; you find yourselve looking at her arms, grey, her blue veins tied up in knots around her meatless bones, and you feel a pang of jealousy.

You ask yourself: Why can't I be that thin?

And then you realize just how messed up and sick you are.
So you go into bathroom down the hall and cry.

Love you,


  1. im sorry about your grandma. Try not too feel too bad, your not sick!

  2. umm, yeah. i know. i find myself looking at legs all the time and finding some i LOVE and then realize they're attached to a TWELVE-YEAR-OLD. fucked in the head, what?

    anyway, HELLO! i'm excited you commented on my blog because you seem pretty awesome (as i am reading your old posts) and when you mentioned a class on 2d design, i went, OH GOD that brings me back, because i went to a serious art school for a year where i was actually a bit of a fraud (there for writing, not art), but a fraud with some artwork that turned out surprisingly good. anyway, i took a combination 2d/3d design class (3 days a week, 6 hours a day) which made me cry. A LOT. but in retrospect i am very glad i took it and had some, um, fun in it. so you will see why that brought up some little memories! so, yay! also we have similar stats although i am a bit fattier (which i feel like spelling with an i, so deal with it), so i can safely and realistically say that you are VERY THIN! woop woop!

    LOVE xxx

  3. also please look at the nice curvature of the left margin of the large paragraph of my above comment! sorry i thought it was pretty and just had to point that out :D