28 September 2009

11:11 PM.

Make a wish.
I wish that I was beautiful.
I wish that things would get better more quickly.
I wish people didn't have to die.
I wish that I didn't put off everything until last minute.
I wish that relationships weren't so complicated and confusing.
I wish that two people could be in love and that was that.
I wish I was thin.
I wish a lot of things.
I wish too many things.

Sometimes I begin to believe that that's all life is becoming. Wishes.

Love you,


  1. Live out your wildest dreams & wishes - because without them what else do we really have?!

    thats a quote i swear by :)

    hope you feel better


  2. hmm me too... i live in a world of hopes and desires and it's starting to get costly and dangerous.

    you ARE beautiful.
    you ARE thin.
    and please KEEP wishing because can you imagine even for a moment being someone who never wishes for anything? you'd be working at McDonald's and lazily living with some boy/girlfriend that you don't feel like kicking out because you can't wish beyond the moment.

    that will NOT be you. ok?

    people who go to boarding arts high schools usually have a rough time at dealing with life (i think we're wired this way) but usually end up doing great, and if not great, then at least exciting things. all of my friends from Interlochen are in Cambodia, or Tokyo, or bumming around eastern Europe, or writing fabulous poetry in San Francisco, or, or, or...

    speaking of which, if you're bored, go look up Ivanco Talevski. he is a friend and a visual artist who went to IAA and his art is mind-bogglingly and retardedly good. like, holy crap. like, was commissioned to paint something for the pope.
    oh, i hope that will not make you more depressed! i just realized that if someone told me to go look up a brilliant writer who went to their school then i would probably be very depressed that it wasn't me being the brilliant writer. so if that's the case, SORRY! he's living in a plane of brilliance way above the rest of us.


    LOVE xx