18 September 2009

Carrots, Kate Nash and The Taste of Failure.

My perfect day: have carrots for breakfast, finish my homework early [including drawing and 2d homework (yessss!)], get into a lovely argument with a violinist, still have time for a trip to the cafe for a delicious espresso, have a two-and-a-half hour free period where I sit in bed and eat carrots dipped in black-eyed pea hummus for lunch while listening (and singing along) to Kate Nash, and have drawing class to finish it all off.
Not to mention- it's Friday! Huzzah!
Ahh. I'm so stress free and empty and light. Mmm. I feel so great.
Nothing can bring me down today, I promise you. I'm floating; literally walking on a cloud.
I saw back ribs while standing straight up in front of the mirror this morning. I smiled. Big.
And I'm helping a friend with his photography later, and doing some portraits.
Today's wonderful.
And it's all thanks to the power of carrots. My little orange heroes.

b- two packs of carrots & coffee (75)
l-carrots (35)
d- one miniscule slice of pizza (160) [ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh...]
s- 0
e- one hour of brisk walking (-252)
total: 16

And then someone asked me to go get pizza with them.
I had a small slice. I ate it slowly, cut it up into tiny pieces, chewed every bite thirty-two times each.
A question:
"Wanna finish that slice there?"
"I'm working on it."
A voice says:
You're disgusting, fat, pathetic, etc.
Another question:
"Why don't you just pick it up?"
"I just don't want to."
Another voice:
Sickening. Look at you eat. You cow.

I wanted to lie down, right there in the middle of Bellacino's and die.
I'm tired.

Love you,

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