30 September 2009

Fast Fest, day three: Российский день! (Russian day!)

Я только хочу, чтобы Вы держали меня, в то время как я сплю; я хочу, чтобы Вы сказали мне, что все будет хорошо, даже если это не будет хорошо. Я буду все еще верить Вам, потому что я люблю Вас.

I was up with a horrid headache until four thirty last night. I went to the nurse to get my dailies, and she took one look at me and said, "You look horrible. You should rest and take it easy until your afternoon classes."
I could have kissed that woman. I'm tired, cranky, and I just want to sleep, and that's what I get to do until the dreaded Art History this afternoon. Well, at least it's only two hours long, and not four...
(insert tired and disgruntled mumbling sound here)

So, Art history wasn't that bad today. although my teacher's kind of crazy and she yelled at me for no apparent reason, which really upset me, but I blame the fasting entirely.

But there is one thing I have got to stop doing; hoarding food. I have like seven boxes of really weird food I'm never going to eat, and like thirteen boxes of junk food I also won't ever eat. It's really breaking my wallet. I spent twenty-five dollars today at Publix. I bought a bag of chips, swiss rolls, mozzarella & mushroom veggie burgers, reese's cups, sugar cookies, choclate chip cookies, tomato trinity, potato salad and mac 'n cheese. I'm fasting for christ's sake! Ugh.

But on a lighter note (you're so punny! hahahaha.) I weighed in today...
weight- 93 lbs
BMI- 16.74

I'm quite happy about that.

Love you,
a very tired, headache-y and light Margie.

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  1. sorry for your headache!
    but yay for the nice nurse :)