17 September 2009


Today, while applying my make up in front of the air conditioner, with my poor little leggies screaming at me (AHHWE'RESOCOLDOHMYGOODNESSWE'RENUMBPLEASESTOPSTANDING INFRONTOFTHERADIATORAAAHHHH), I made a decision.
I've decided to take after a favorite blogger.
I'm going to eat just vegatables and fruits for the day.
No dairy, no bread products, no beans, no dressing!
Ahhh! Cleansing, eh?
Yes, I'd say so.
And I'm out of diet coke.
I guess all the more excuse to drink water?
Ugh. I need my caffeine.
So it's a good eight hours, give or take, after my decision, and I've stuck too it! (suprisingly...)
I had a lovely salad for lunch: romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, tomatoes, onions and chickpeas!
'Twas delicious. I'm considering skipping dinner.

l-salad (57)
d-coffee (2)
s-carrots (35)
e- thrity min. brisk walking (-126)
total: -32

This afternoon, I bought a truckload of carrots. My favorite!
I'm eating only carrots tomorrow.
And I'm strangely excited about it.
I'm so weird.

Love you,

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