29 September 2009

Fast Fest, day 2, part 2: Margie v. Guacamole & There Will Be Cake...And Blood.

HUZZAH, I AM VICTORIOUS! No guac for me, thanks!
Although I did kind of do the whole, "Well, I'm not going to eat any guac myself, but is it cool with you if I watch you eat it? I mean, I know it kinda creeps you out and all, but whatever," deal. And it sure smelled nice. Wow, it smelled good.
Okay. Done with that.

But, the temptation gets worse. Cake.
Today is my suitemate's birthday, so we're going to the park to have cake.
I plan on drinking around three cans of Diet Coke in around fifteen minutes so I'll feel disgusting and won't even want to look at the cake.

I will stay strong! (insert some sort of battle cry here)
And to all you other fast-ers: you stay strong too! (another battle cry)

No cake for me, thanks!

Yesssss. No cake is good.
You're happy when you're empty. You're light when your empty. You're happy when you're light.
You'll be thin soon enough. Soon enough.

Love you,

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    here is some happy-time inspiration for you:
    weight-ish as of last week: between 99 and 100
    start of my fast (after 2 binge days): 102.2
    this morning (after 1 day of fast): 100.0
    this evening (complete with water weight and everything): 99.0
    so you see? the pounds are melting away.

    we are stellar and we are made of light and we will ascend and become stars one day xx