13 January 2010


Self-control, why have you left me? Where did you go? We used to be the best of friends. Now you're gone, and I am fat.
I just keep ballooning up, my clothes all fit again, my boobs have gotten enormous (I don't really mind that, except for the fact that my boobs are the last place I gain weight) and my thighs are disgusting and jiggly and WAY too close to touching.
I am a fucking cow.
SO. It's time for me to quit being a lazy fatass, and stop eating and maybe start exercizing.
This is my new regemine:
Breakfast- Protein bar (160)
Lunch- Small salad and sandwich or soup (all under 100)
Dinner- Small salad and veggies, sandwich, soup, or sushi (all under 200)
If I can stick to that, I won't get over five hundred. My problem lately hasn't really been meals, it's been snacks. I need to keep myself busy and full of enough liquid to keep from snacking. Any tips on that matter would be amazing.
Love you always,


  1. holy crap, our brains are obviously having cross-continental let's-fuck-over-anise-and-margaret sessions because this is EXACTLY how i am feeling and how it's going for me...complete lack of control, getting fatter, thighs dangerously close to touching. AUGH.

    i am currently doing an almost-fast which consists mostly of fruits-and-veg. snacking on carrots is a nearly-no-cal way of snacking that is immensely satisfying, and you have to eat like 200 carrots to get even 100 calories. and they're yum enough that i want to eat them. i've seriously been taking a bag of them with me in my car and eating them whenever i have sudden desperate urges to stop at the 7-11 and buy ALL their candy.

    anyway, i love you, i know you can do this, you've done it before!

    xx x

  2. dude not effing gunna lie that is EXACTLY how I am right now.....