15 January 2010

The Loss of Another Friend.

Tonight, one of my oldest friends was killed in an accident.
I don't know why God chose to take him. It's so weird the way these things work. I called him at around one today to see if he wanted to hang out sometime this weekend. He said sure. He went hunting with another guy, some guy I don't know as well. He was shot in the back of the head. He was comatose for a few hours and then died. He was just eighteen.
I don't know why these things happen. First Blair, now Luke.
It just doesn't make sense.


  1. that's so messed up and so unfair. i'm so sorry. you should not have to deal with that on top of everything else. no one should have to deal with that; things like that are not supposed to happen. i wish i could take it away from you and make your heart light again.

    if you were in driving distance i would drive there and give you a thousand hugs. maybe it wouldn't help, but maybe it would just a little bit. i am thinking of you tonight, at the very least, and tomorrow, and the day after, so you will not be alone.

    xx xoxo xo x

  2. That is so sad Munchkin. I am with Anise, you would get a double hug.
    Love x

  3. I'm soo sorry for your loss hun, I don't know why these things happen. Stay strong. xxx

  4. I want to give you the biggest cuddle in the world right now.
    I am so sorry for you loss.
    We're all here for you