16 January 2010

Coming to Terms

Today, it rained. It was almost cliche.
We all spent the day together because none of us wanted to be alone. We mostly talked, shared all our memories about Luke. It was funny. He was such a funny guy. It's almost hard to feel sad when you think about what he was like, all the times we had together.
We ordered in from his favorite restraunt.
During lunch, a bird flew into one of the windows of the house we were in. She was a cardinal, a pretty little bird. Her neck broke on impact. All of us went outside. One of us brought a washcloth and held her while she died, so she wouldn't be alone. She chirped a few times, four I think, and then, she was gone. We buried her in the back yard by the fence. All of us cried.
Life is dust, fragile and momentary.
It's here for a second,
and then, it's gone.
Unlike dust, life leaves things behind. Amazing things that last forever.


  1. this is the most beautiful post i've ever read and it almost made me cry. i wish i had words for you now but you've said it all.

    there's so much strength in you and in this post and in everything that's happened, the good and the bad, and especially the good that comes from the bad. i love you and i hope that you can find it. seems like you are. :D

    xx x

  2. This is so beautiful, but I'm sorry you had to write it.

    I hope things get better. They will, in the end.