08 January 2010

Thing to do Alone.

Watch "The Hangover." Finish "The Hangover." Text. Wait for response. No response. Open can of soup. Find a seemingly clean bowl. Pick out a strand of roomate's hair. Gag. Wash bowl. Pour soup into clean bowl. Walk downstairs to use microwave. Listen to "UP" being played in the recroom next door. Ding. Walk upstairs with soup. Eat soup. Wash bowl again, while humming the theme from "UP." Put Bowl away in drawer under the bed. Sit under the bed for a spell. Stack things. Two jars of nutella. Four boxes of protein bars. The jars of peanut butter. Six packs of ramen, oriental flavor. Try to imitate Zooey Deschanel's beautiful singing. Two boxes of oreos. Two packs of diet coke. One bag of marshmellows. Get bag of marshmellows. Lie on back in bed. Eat a few. Make gooey blobs of marshmellow goo between thumbs and forefinger. Suck on marshmellow, and throw it onto the ceiling. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Watch them fall like the snow that fell a few times this week but never cancelled school. Clean bed. Glower at the ever growing pile of clothes and other various and sundry items that live in my desk chair. Get back in bed. Six thirty. Close eyes. Breathe.

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