05 January 2010

Everything Is Turning into Shit

Someone told me that I didn't look "disgustingly skinny" like I did before the break.
I have got to stop eating. Christ.


  1. Don't take it to personally. They may be lying, thinking it's what you want to hear. People are weird.

  2. I know how you feel, I went from 'Wow, your light as a feather!' to 'You weigh more than you look, GAWD!' in the space of two and a half weeks...
    You'll make 'em change their mind though, think thin! x

  3. Everything's all gone a bit messed up for quite a few of us. I'm here for you :)
    I wish I could be as skinny as you.

  4. Oh, no... I know how that feels. Like you're falling fast and deep. I'm sorry the shithead (no offense if they are close to you) had the little sense to not know not to say that!