09 January 2010


Binged again today. It was the first thing I did when I woke up. Ate a half a bag of Reese's. I feel nasty. W was supposed to come and visit me today, but his car wouldn't start this morning. It's going to be another day alone.


  1. That's the same feeling i got, when i binged today.
    i feel like i need to be cleansed, or something.

  2. Margaret, I binged too. It was gross. and I am so angry at myself. Tomorrow, I support you from afar, got it munchkin? You can do this x

  3. Today was definitely a binge day. :(

    Happened to me, fairly early on in the day. I had reached 1,000 calories by 4 PM. Should have stopped there. But noooOOOooo... Had to keep going. Peanut butter, chocolate, rice cakes, potatoes, and fuck...Pork?! Seriously? It's that all-or-nothing thinking. Gets me every time.

    But not tomorrow! Not for any of us. :D We can...WILL...do this. Tomorrow is a brand new chance. We'll wake up fresh and new and ready and strong. Stay that way. Stay strong.

    I think you're gorgeous, by the way. Definitely an inspiration. <3

    Stay lovely.