10 December 2009


I'm taking a quick break to update, because I haven't done so in a few days. Don't you just love the way teachers like to wait to give you ALL of your work at the end of the semestre instead of giving it to you in incrimints? I know I sure do! Anyways, I'm giving myself a fifteen minute break from writing my ten page minimum midterm essay for english. I am about ready to pass out asleep. I'm exhuasted. Damn fucking paper.
I'm looking at my roomates thighs. They remind me a little of cellulite-covered hams.


  1. At least they're not your thighs! :)

  2. Hey, I hope you don't mind me following you, Anise showed me your blog, and I just spent quite a while reading your past entries - you seem like a cool chick :-)

    That simile made me die laughing.
    Hope you are less stressed sweetie x