24 December 2009


meatloaf, double beetloaf,
I HATE meatloaf.
The most thinspo you'll get out of that movie.
Anise- I took your advice. Christmas movies help. Especially A Christmas Story.
I'm snuggled up in my giant blanketin my giant sweater, with new, nice, classical music, NPR loving boy on the phone, with one small christmas crabcake in my belly, watching A Christmas Story for a second time today.
Aside from the terrible Christmas eve Tradition of chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (mother made me eat three, a horible 768 calorie breakfast), it's been a decent day. I managed to stay under 1000 calories today, still bad, but better than I've been doing lately. I'm hungry, and I love it. I managed to skip lunch, andI had a crab cake for dinner, 160 calories.
I have an Odwalla Carrot Juice waiting for me in the fridge for breakfast, 140 calories for 15 oz. Restricting during Christmas lunch and then, hopefully, watching Elf with W. I need to get out of the house.
Merry, merry.
Love you always,


  1. Hope you are not imploding too much munchkin! Carrot juice... brings back memories of Paris -good on you for being able to drink that stuff, it makes me shiver inside!!!

    Anise always has awesome advice, right! Have you seen polar express? That is pretty magical.

    LOVE YOU xxx

  2. I wish you a merry Christmas, stay strong
    sweet heart. !!!

    kate lunacy

  3. oh i am so so so so glad you are feeling better! and that my advice helped! sometimes i feel like i am shouting in the dark and making all this stuff up. i dont know where it comes from, but if it works then that is all i can ask. i just want you to be happy and strong. christmas is christmas and we all have to make food allowances. those pancakes were yum, right? despite the calories? that is all that matters today. for dinner i have had quail and salad and fish and potatoes and christmas cake, and it was SO AMAZING, and there was even an opportunity for me to throw it up but i did not, because it was too good and it's christmas. today it's ok. tomorrow whatever, but today it's ok.
    i hope you had a lovely christmas, darling! keep watching movies and being snuggly, ok?

    xxox x

  4. You seem to be doing well! Merry Christmas. : )