26 December 2009

One Hundred.

It's my one hundreth post. Damn.
Anyways. I had a really shitty eating day today. Yesterday was better, suprisingly.
I somehow managed to restrict all day yesterday, due to my mother's ditraction for the majority of the day. My friends and I had a Christmukkah party. We all got together and had a lovely time and no one commented on my eating, or lack there of. It was so nice to feel someone's arms pressed into your ribs, his hand over your protruding vertabrae in the small of you back. I know it's too early to tell, but I think I might have found something good. Hopefully, maybe, might have found something good.
Not much else to write about.
Love you always,


  1. :)
    I get scared people will feel my bones and make comments...
    How do you make sure they don't?

  2. OH i hope you DID find something good! do not run away and take it slow. you are beautiful and wonderful and i really really hope so :D

    xx x

  3. I really hope what you found was good. : )