29 December 2009

A Night In The Life.

Tonight was a mixture between absolutely horrible and absolutely amazing. We started out by getting sushi, where I had a small binge. I wolfed down six California rolls, and four salad rolls (just over five hundred). I was so embarrassed. We smoked hookah after, which burns calories 200 for about an hour. Thank god. It was freezing cold, even under a blanket. W and I shared it and were more or less one body for about an hour. He'd do everything to try and keep me warm; he's so so sweet. After we went to another friends to get in his hot tub. I hadnt shaved in a while. And I'm also fat as hell. W said I looked beautiful and told me I shouldnt be embarrassed.
I didnt break 1000 today.
I'm hungry; It's wonderful.
Love you always,

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