06 July 2010


im stuck in that really aggravating in-between of "i want to get through this" and "i want to stay wrapped up in the forever."
things have sucked lately. i havent had hardly any human contact outside of my family and A.
i had a pregnancy scare last week and spent my time crying and weighing my options (even though i knew that i really only had one because i couldnt get an abortion, and one look at the baby and i could give it up) but im not pregnant so i dont have to worry about it.
im rambling and confused and dont know what to do with myself and my time.


  1. Pregnancy scares suck, but on the plus side at least your not so try not to worry about it too much!
    I hope you manage to figure things out! Just think, where do you see yourself when you 30 and try to work towards that image you have in your head whenever things seam blurry and lost x

  2. oh, me too, girl. me, too.