27 July 2010


i got trapped at eric's last night
because we had a really bad storm and seven trees fell down on the road that he lives on and so did a multitude of power lines some which landed in front of erics driveway and all over the rest of the street and they got sparks everywhere and there were several fires (luckily not at eric's house)
but a tree fell on some guy's brand new car
it was his birthday present
but we stayed inside all night and talked about weird stuff
and i slept on the couch for awhile while eric wrote because the power was out
and every time i'd fall asleep all the way, eric would pull my toes and wake me up
then we got the generator running and we watched a movie
and im still trapped, jsut not at eric's
im trapped inside this giant body that doesnt belong to me
the one that belongs to me is buried under all the wreckage that has built up over the past six months and she's clawing and trying to dig her way out
and im trying to let her but for some reason
i just cant

1 comment:

  1. i'm trapped within my fat too.
    and i can't get out.