19 June 2010

The Deal

I have made two deals in the past week.
One with A, and one with myself.(even though that one is more of a promise)

1. Margie gets herself healthy (eat right, get in shape), A gets himself healthy. (quit smoking, eat right, get in better shape.)

2. Margie drops ten pounds, tones stomach and ass, Margie buys new bathing suit, and fancy new lingerie to show off to A.

I love how much they contradict each other.

1 comment:

  1. depends on what 'healthy' is - if 'healthy' is a raw food diet and a drink of milk here and there and a can of tuna as well, I reckon they go hand in hand,

    More importantly, tho, I hope you are feeling. FEELING. ok. We are here for you, always remember that xx