22 July 2010

i cant

seem to stop gaining weight. i've ballooned up to a whopping 110lbs.
i think it could be because i'm stressed, and bored, which equals eating
and i havent been working out like i should
and work has been terrible lately, im sick of having to get up at six thirty almost every morning and then spend my day with screaming children armed with art supplies
and then i get home and just gorge myself cause im tired and hungry and so miserable.
im scared that im going to just just get huge and never be able to get back to how i used to be.

1 comment:

  1. I thought this 2 weeks ago, but slowly I am changing back, and if there is hope for me, then there is for you. I think you are right, stress and boredom do equal food, and then if it becomes habit, even when you want to stop it is really hard.

    But 110 isn't horrendous in reality, although it might feel that way - you can still get back to where you were without it taking a decade. And you will, because you want it.

    Your job does sound tiring, sweetheart. You are wonderful, this weekend give yourself an hour to do whatever you want if you can, xxx