14 July 2010

I was doing really well

i havent been able to keep anything up.
im gigantically fat.


  1. sweetheart, you never know when this will turn around and you will be back on the path that you wish you were on and were on. It could be tomorrow, and I believe that it will be soon, because the despair and the sadness will make you act. Please don't despair. You can do this because you have already showed yourself you can, and you are strong and you are mighty. You need faith in yourself and you will get there. As soon as I became more positive that I COULD do this, even if I am heavier than before, as soon as I did that things have been getting better.

    How can you keep up anything if you dont believe you can. We believe in you, it will happen if you see it too xxxx

  2. im sure your not fat!! Chin up :) xx