06 December 2010

im just so tired
i can hardly sit or speak
if only i could sleep for the rest of this year
just go back into hibernation
until everything is over
i ate so little, and exercised so much yesterday
im achey and moody
i still have homework to do and i have class in thirty minutes
so much apathy
too much to handle


  1. don't push yourself too hard, it makes everything so much harder...

  2. Don't over exert yourself, slow down a little maybe set yourself little goals for each day? :) It will make things easier xx

  3. I know that pushing yourself too hard seems the best thing to do, but you have to make sure that you can keep up with that pace okay babes? It's not a shame or anything to just slow down.. Because it doesn't matter how long it takes to be perfect, it doesn't matter if you slip up a few times. You'll learn from those steps, and eventually, in the end you'll be perfect anyways.

    Stay strong!! You're amazing please take care of yourself!

    Love, x