16 December 2010

so a and i are done for good
i ate an entire bowl of cookie dough earlier
i cant get it up
why cant i ever let myself just be happy


  1. oh how i wish i knew the answer to that one. sometimes you have to just let yourself feel like shit. that is what i am doing this month. that's why i haven't replied to your email, i'm so so sorry, but i've been having a horrid month. sometimes it works if you can just give yourself a set amount of time to wallow and feel like shit and be totally insane, and at some point it becomes easier to pick yourself back up again. i'm giving myself until jan 10th. after that i'll be ready to get out of this horrible horrible place. so give yourself some slack, ok? and i'll write you an email soon. :D

    LOVE xx x

  2. we all have those days honey... just look forward, tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to get happy.

    ive got a new one, would be nice if u could follow


    kisses and hugs