04 December 2010

so they called. and all they asked me was if i had any questions.
i said i didnt really have any.
crisis averted. thats me for ya, freaking out over nothing like that.

in lighter news, i only ate 430 cals and 8g fat yesterday, and my roommate has been bringing me diet pills. they work like a dream. they don't make me too shaky, but they give me a little pep, and they make me not want to eat. its great.

b-diet coke, 0
l- 3/4 wrap, 1 tsp honey mustard, 208, 4.12g
d- 3/4 hummus sandwich, sugar free jello, 158, 3.75g
s- 4 now and laters, 52.8, .04g



  1. Oh I wish my friends or anyone really would do something like that for me. So jealous!!
    You're doing great babes, honestly!!

    Love, xx

  2. all those who freak out over "little things" that don't always seem so little, say "i".