07 December 2010

god i hate hunger pains
but thanks to my new best friend the diet pill, my appetite is nonexistant
im nice and alert
i feel on top of the world
but so fat that i might fall right through the floor
and keep falling until i hit that lava
and melt away forever
i just dont get how i could feel so good but so horrible at the same time
im confused.


  1. always conflicting thoughts.

  2. DIET PILLS TOTALLY DO THAT. omg, i have no idea what you use, but the ones i take, i swear, they make me crazy sometimes.... ya feel like.. sooooo goood, but at the same time when i take them i'm more eating disorder-ey than ever... careful though, the crash suckkksss balllsss after you take them for too long.. that melt away lava not happy feeling catches up.

    good way to avoid that is to use them maybe like every other day, or like the week before an event you want to be super thin for or something.

    hope that helps? xoxo <3