11 December 2010

today i didn't touch food until i ate dinner with a
i ate 153 calories worth of chicken
and a 5 graham crackers and 3/4 of a fortune cookie
coming to a grand total of 264 calories
but my fat intake was ridiculous, 9.1g
today was okay
i went to my friend's poetry reading tonight
he did so well
he wrote about luke, and i tried not to bawl my eyes out
i wish i could have a copy of it, because the last two lines are so wonderful
but anyways
i love you guys
and im tired.
time to go to bed.


  1. Sleep tight babe,
    Great intake, don't be all tough on yourself you are DOING GREAT!
    And you seem so lovely, so don't worry too much.
    We are here for you :)

    Love, x

  2. i hope you get a good sleep. it helps