31 August 2010

a's been all over me about my new diet. even though i told him that it was a cleanse, and that i'd still be taking in "1000" calories a day, he's freaking out, and has told my friend to keep an eye on me at meal times. i know it's because he cares, and because he hates seeing me starve myself. i'm so frustrated.


  1. While it's sweet I can see how it's frustrating too. I get comments from family/bf/coworkers about my eating habits and everytime I want to yell at them that it's none of their fucking business. As it's not.

  2. I understand the frustration - Because these are your friends but now you'll have to lie and sneak around even more, because they don't understand the anger and the rage and the pain that we feel. Today I described it to my boss as this: You know when your really angry and really want to punch someone who is annoying you? Well that is how I feel about myself when I eat. Total rage. And desperation.

    I hope you find a way around this honey xxx