10 August 2010


so, im tempted to go on some national campaign to get all doctors new scales, because they are always wrong, and they make me really mad whenever i get on them.
saturday's doctor's care wight: 108
monday's regular doctor's weight: 106
What do i do both times i get home from te doctor? Go straight to my scale, and everytime its says 103. Honestly.

But why so many doctor's visits, Margie?
well. It's the old mrsa, again. apparently if you get it once, you're more likely to get it again. and i have it again, worse, this time. I'm going into surgery in three hours to have the damn thing cut out of my arm. im really nervous, but im trying to keep calm and just let myself go back to sleep, but i cant. anyways. wish me luck.



  1. good luck with the surgery, hope everything goes well!

  2. I hope it goes okay dearie.

    It's the same for me... the scale thing I mean. When I weight myself at the gym it's always much less than when I weigh myself at home. And then it's different all together when I weight myself at my dads! I have a thing about electric scales though, I don't trust them. I like to see the hand move, otherwise I'm not so sure, haha

    Love, B x

  3. In the book.. "Wasted" by Marya Hornbacher, she mentions Dr.'s scales always being 3 lbs off. It's irritating and when you mention a mini fit, they look at you funny. Only trust digitals.