29 August 2010

im doing okay with russian gymnast diet, i think i'll add rice cakes as a little extra.
i ate like six yesterday plus a fruit cup.
it all cam down to about 386, which isnt bad.
hopefully ill be able to shrink my stomach a bit with this, i miss being able to eat half of what i normally eat with out being hungry.


  1. That totaly is definatly not bad, don't feel bad about adding in the rice cakes. Your stomach will still shrink on 386cals a day.

  2. Good luck with it. You sound to be doing well :) I think this should definitely shrink your stomach... even if you only do it for a acouple of days.

    Perdita, xo

  3. You're doing great honey:)
    Keep on the great work, your stomach will shrink like f.ck if you keep going on like this :)!!

    Much love,