27 August 2010

just stop eating
its that simple

a and i got in a fight for the first time today
i kept telling him to make more of an effort to be on time
he was an hour late to our date
so i refused to eat
we both got angry
i said just be on time
its that simple

i felt like a hypocrite
ive been gorging

margaret, just stop eating
its that simple


    how come i can't lose 10 lbs. it should be that simple. it should be that easy. just don't eat. but then there's cake and there's Goldfish and there's hunger and there's blacking out and there's things to do that require brainpower and there's weakness and there's that bit of you that says, no, don't be sick, be well, be normal, eat.

    how come it's always a battle?

    also i don't think you're a hypocrite. you have every right to ask him to be on time. you deserve that. every girl deserves that. if he deserves you he ought to be on time, damn it. and he ought to respect that it's important to you.

    LOVE xx x

  2. i need to get my ass into gear.
    i can't seem to stop eating. at all.
    all self control seems to have flown out of the window.

    maybe start off slow, and then build it up.
    it might work better that way.

  3. You had every reason to ask him to be on time for once, waiting for one hour sucks bum.
    he should be on time and show you that he cares!

    and its not that simple, oh boy I can only wish for it to be that simple. bet we all could.

    much love! X